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Portfolio holder Communication and Internationalisation


As portfolio holder Communication Saikiran works on all internal and external communication of the Student Union. The portfolio holder coordinates all communicational activities of the Student Union. Something you could think of is keeping the website up-to-date, using social media, sending out press notes about important Student Union events, and all PR-materials. 

Regarding policy, he sets course to the general communication and defines which message is communicated to the student. Concerning external communication, Saikiran has an advisory right which can influence the communication of the UT towards students.

In order to able to execute the tasks mentioned above, he is supported by for instance a webmaster, graphical designers, communication employees, and a translator.


More and more international students start studying in Enschede. These students need the same possibilities as Dutch students. The Student Union made a portfolio for this. 

With the internationalization portfolio Saikrian, together with the International Office and UniTe has a leading role in creating an ideal environment for international students at the University of Twente. Subjects which he is dealing with are integration, acculturation, accommodation, and other activities.

About Saikiran Samudrala

Study: Mechanical Engineering

Active at: Indian Student Association, Unite , Vestingbar, Student Union.

From: Ongole , India

Email: b.v.l.s.k.samudrala@utwente.nl 

Two years ago, when I had decided to move to the Netherlands for my (pre)masters in Twente, I was quite amazed to know that the whole Kick-In is organized by students, then I became crew for my own Kick-In, how cool is that ?

During my Kick-in both as crew and participant, I decided to make the most out of my student life. This motivated me to join the Indian Students Association (ISA). I immediately became a board member of ISA, where I organized small and big events. Amongst these events the Holi- festival of colors was most appreciated by both international and Dutch students.

As an international student in Twente, I was always interested in the Twente student culture. What is the best way to experience it other than going to a student bar? So, I joined the Vestingbar, where I learned all about ‘gezelligheid’. In addition I was active with multiple committees of the Student Union and learned that you can ask a lot of questions to the SU office, before they get annoyed.

Later in my second year, I got the chance to become a board member of Unite, umbrella of World associations. Where I got involved with facilitation and integration of international students. This year I got an amazing opportunity to become a board member of the Student Union. Now I have the honor and privilege to hold the portfolio of Communication and Internationalization.

What I want to achieve this year? This year I want to improve the visibility of Student Union. Involve more students input in policy making. In addition to that I would like to improve the inclusion among students and make student life even more ‘geweldig’. I would like to encourage you to follow your passion and make the most out of your student life!