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Portfolio holder Communication and Internationalisation


As portfolio holder Communication Roos works on all internal and external communication of the Student Union.The portfolio holder coordinates all communicational activities of the Student Union. Something you could think of is keeping the website up-to-date, using social media, sending out press notes about important Student Union events, and all PR-materials. 

Regarding policy, she sets course to the general communication, and defines which message is communicated to the student. Concerning external communication, Roos has an advisory right which can influence the communication of the UT towards students.

In order to able to execute the tasks mentioned above, she is supported by for instance a webmaster, graphical designers, communication employees and a translator.


More and more international students start studying in Enschede. These students need the same possibilities as the Dutch students. The Student Union made a portfolio for this. 

With the internationalization portfolio Roos, together with the International Office and UniTe, has a leading role in creating an ideal environment for international students at the University of Twente. Subjects which she is dealing with are integration, acculturation, accommodation and other activities.

About Roos de vries

Studie: Advanced Technology
Active at: Astatine, Arabesque, Student Union, Pre-U, GTD
From: California
E-mail: r.m.m.devries[at]utwente.nl

Hi! My name is Roos de Vries. I am 21 years old and, for the Academic Year 2018-2019, I will be the Portfolio holder for Internationalization and Communication.

Though my name is Dutch, I was born near Detroit and spent my childhood in California. My parents emigrated from the Netherlands just before I was born, so I grew up speaking Dutch and English at home. In 2015, I moved to the Netherlands to study Advanced Technology. After my Board Year, I will continue on with a Master’s in Applied Physics.

A quick bit about my extracurriculars: Next to my studies, I have joined 10 Astatine committees (including the Bartender’s Committee , the Europe Trip Committee, and the International Member Committee—but, of course, not all at once!), participated in the Honours Program, joined CrossFit, danced at Arabesque, promoted my study during the Open Days and for PreU, and became a communications employee at the Student Union. I was also the External Relations officer of the part-time board of the Astatine Study Trip to Canada and the US (really, an incredibly fun trip!). In my free time, I am active at GTD (Geavanceerd Technologisch Dispuut), I hang out with my housemates, and I enjoy running and dancing. I also like to read and bake pies (with varying degrees of success).

As you can tell, I have been broadly involved in the UT student life. But, what has made the biggest impression on me during my studies is the experience of living in a foreign country. This taught me to be open minded, and to make the most of every opportunity. I became part of the Student Union Board to help expand and improve the offer of extracurricular activities and support at the UT, especially for international students like me.

I am very excited to get to work together with all of the brilliant board, employee, and committee members of the Student Union. Right now, I want to focus on creating clearer channels for student communication within the UT, and strengthen associations for and by international students. Most of all, I want to have fun and learn as much as I can.

Please feel free to contact me by coming by our office or mailing. And, say hi if you see me!