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The name 'The Pakkerij' comes from the time that the building still was property from the textile manufacturer Van Heek, who used it as a storage room (in Dutch: Pakhuis). Today the building still honors it's name by 'storing' four student associations: AEGEE-Enschede, Alpha, Audentis and Taste. The building is located at the Oude Markt, in the heart of the city. On Thursday nights it's crawling with students and has an amazing ambiance.

Since the Student Unions was established, the Pakkerij is an Union Building. Since that time it also has it own committee, the Beheerderscommissie Pakkerij (BCP).

Beheercommissie Pakkerij

The BCP is composed of board members of the bars in the Pakkerij. Furthermore it consists of a member of the Facility Service Centre, the portfolio holder Accommodation and a coördinator ARBO and Head of the Emergency Response Officer of the UT.

Globally the BCP works on three things. First, they have been given the responsibility for maintenance and security in the whole building, which also includes providing an Emergency Response Team. Second, they handle things which affects all the bars, like open parties. And last, they discuss all the problems of or between the different bars. If you want more information, you can mail to bcp-l@onzekroeg.nl.