The name ‘De Pakkerij’ dates from the time that the building was still owned by the textile manufacturer Van Heek, who used it as a warehouse, known by locals as ‘de pakkerie’. Nowadays, the building lives up to its name by operating as a home to four student associations: AEGEE-Enschede, Alpha, Audentis, and Taste. The building is located on the Oude Markt, in the heart of the city center, where on Thursday eveneing it is a lively atmosphere of fun.

The Pakkerij has been a Union building since the establishment of the Student Union. The building has had its own management committee eversince, the Beheercommissie Pakkerij (BCP). Anyone who enters the Pakkerij is involved with the BCP.


The Beheercommissie Pakkerij is composed of members of the boards of all Pakkerij associations. The management committee includes one board member of each association, a Facility Team Leader of the Facility Department of the University of Twente, the portfolio manager Accommodation, and a coordinator ARBo and Head of Business Assistance of the University of Twente. The Facility Team Leader and the coordinator are responsible for the continuity within the management committee and advice the other management committee members. The Facility Team Leader and coordinator are not entitled to vote in decisions.

In general, the BCP has three activities. Firstly, the BCP is charged by the Student Union with the responsibility for the maintenance and safety in the entire Pakkerij, this also includes the management of company first aiders. Secondly, the BCP handles matters that concern all societies, such as a Union party or the signage in the Pakkerij. Thrid, the BCP discusses problems within or between the various societies. For information, email bcp-l@onzekroeg.nl.