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Why Student Union

I decided very last minute (one week before the deadline for the motivation letter) that I was going to apply for the Student Union board. Someone asked me ‘Hey is the Student Union board something for you?’ and I was like ‘Hmm, maybe it is..’

I thought about it and talked to a lot of people in a short time, I got so excited that I decided to just send the letter and I would see where it would end. But it didn’t end, and they choose me for the board!

I got so excited about the Student Union mainly because of the big responsibility you get, and you can make your own challenges and projects. There are a thousand opportunities, and you get to choose what is a priority. It was a chance to develop myself in a way you could never get to in another place or environment, especially at this age. It is a safe environment to take big steps, and everyone trusts you to do so.


Of course, in the beginning I found it exciting to apply for a job with such an official procedure. Four people in front of you is quite something, but on the other hand I was very grateful that I could already experience this procedure in such a way. Just from the application process alone, I learned a lot about how you present yourself and what they ask etc.

My main advice is to be yourself and show your motivation and enthusiasm! It is better to be very sure of a wrong answer than to answer everything very carefully. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because nobody is perfect.

My year at the Student Union

Every week we write an update about our projects for the rest of the board. I added a block where a write down highlights of that week. When I look back there are a lot of highlights, too many even to write them all down here in this blog! But I’m happy to share some of them: anniversary of the Incubase when I just started, meeting the minister of OCW, Create Tomorrow, all the board trainings we received, dinner with the Executive Board, date dinner with the board, goodbye dinner of Mirjam (formal EB member), all the constitution drinks, planting a tree, and a lot more.

There is not one thing that is my greatest memory but the whole experience and people I met made my year at the Student Union. I think I learned more during my year at the Student Union than during my three-year bachelor, especially since my portfolios are very different from my study direction. I have learned to deal with the world of entrepreneurship and to look at projects and opportunities in a different way. When I see what an inspiring place the Incubase is, I am very proud and grateful that I have been able to work on and in this place!

What I am most grateful for is that the environment gave me the confidence to work in this professional organisation and to carry out the tasks of my portfolios.


During my board year at the Student Union I always said that I wanted to proceed with the masters in Technical Medicine. But around September I started doubting this choice. Is this what I want? The answer was no. But what do I want? I really like health care and my work at the Student Union, how can I combine those two? I searched for masters, and I finally chose the master Health Sciences. With this master I can combine health care and working on a policy level in an organisation. The master will start in September 2022 and until then I will probably travel to central America and look for a job!