Stuck in the Netherlands this break with little to do?

This likely isn’t your first rodeo, so you might be looking for some fun (outdoor) activities to do with you and (maximum 2) friends. We propose a series of activities that you might not have thought of yourself.


Go on a walk for your wellbeing. Alongside becoming everyone’s favourite (first) lockdown activity, walking was heavily promoted during the SU wellbeing weeks due to its benefits to (mental) health. A variation that you might not yet have heard of is the colour walk! You can approach this in two ways; the first is to pick a colour and walk along until you find an object of that colour. Then you continue on your route to find the next object of that colour. The second approach is to follow the route via the colours of the rainbow. Start with a red fire hydrant, then move on to an orange safety cone in the window of a student house, perhaps then you see the Jumbo, and then a bright green garden, etc. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily turn your KoWa (“korte wandeling” or short walk) into a LaWa (“lange wandeling” or long walk).


When you think of the Netherlands; you think of Amsterdam, and while you might have visited the capital countless times, winter might be a new one for you. A winter attraction that the University of Twente has previously participated in is the Amsterdam Light Festival, where artists from around the globe place installations along a designated path throughout the city. The gemeente of Amsterdam has been so kind as to allow the installations to be turned on between 17:00 and 22:00, so you can enjoy the creative, twinkling art pieces. This is, of course, only allowed if visitors keep in mind the regulations, so don’t ruin the fun and stay 1.5 meters away from everyone!


Christmas is the time of giving, and unfortunately also a time during which many can feel lonely. There are initiatives such as NL voor Elkaar that provide a platform for people to seek contact if they need help. If you are feeling lonely, it might be a place to start looking for new friends, and what better way to do so than by helping others?


Winter barbecues are a typical “studentikoos” thing to do. Buy your favourite (veggie) meats and fire up the grill! The fire will keep you warm, and you can enjoy your favourite smoky flavour in a new setting. Invite some friends and make sure they bring marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. While it might seem cold at first, it’s nothing a little Jagermeister can’t help.


Where would you go if you had unlimited time, unlimited money, and unlimited energy? Plan it out! Look up the hidden hotspots of the world. You can use the internet, but perhaps even try going to a library (yes, libraries are open) and picking up a travel book or two. Since the internet can sometimes be an echo chamber of influencers, a physical specimen of writing might hold the secret to the roads less travelled. Planning a (imaginary) trip can help you cope, and ensure you have something to look forward to.