Throwback Winter Kick-In


This years Winter Kick-In was organized online. A wide range of events to not only inform the students about all the necessities they have to arrange, but also to have a lot of fun to build a network were arranged. On Sunday the 31st of January the Kick-off started with a central opening, in which the students were introduced to their mentor group, guided by two senior master students. Within these groups, they got to know each other for the first time via online welcome games and in the evening, a pub quiz together with Let's Quiz was hosted.

During the complete week, a variety of different events were organized. Both pratical and fun; dine with the Dutch organized a cooking workshop, in which a typical Dutch meal was prepared that was followed by a Speed Dating event, where the Master and Exchange Students could get to know all other students participating in the Winter Kick-In and also exchange contact details. There was even place for an Online Escape room, students had to work together with their mentor group in order to escape. 

How did students experience this full online-edition?

Meeting people online is something we are getting used to more and more, as most of our lessons and group projects are conducted online. The Kick-In committee tried to arrange a variety of online activities in which the participants were able to get know other students. But what is it like to actually get to know people online? It of course takes more effort to get to know someone from behind your computer. Julia Hubbert, President of the Kick-In Committee, answers: "In the personal exchanges we had with the participants, they emphasised that they were very happy that an introduction was organised for them and they could meet fellow students of their faculty and other students, for example during the Speed Dating. Still, students also mentioned that they missed the direct contact and had the feeling that making friends online is more challenging." 


Overall, it can be said this Winter Kick-In was an online succes! Different platforms based on external parties' preferences were used and everything went smoothly. All the links, information about the events and extra information about the campus and city were published on a, for the Winter Kick-In designed, Canvas page, which worked very well. It was not possible to introduce the students to the campus and city centre in a physical way unfortunately. Hopefully, in a few months, more physical activities can take place.

New students, we wish you good luck with the start of your Master at the UT!