Activism in times of COVID-19. How active are the students of the UT?

In order to get a better view of the amount of active students in Enschede, the Student Union questions all the associations and organizations of the UT every year. In this second edition of the Activism monitor, 80 student organisations have contributed which is a relative high response rate. What is of course different this year is the COVID-19 situation. We as students are only able to meet online, or with a limited amount of persons. Has this influenced the amount of active students in our city in a positive or negative way?


Interesting conclusions were found in this yearly Activism monitor. The most popular type of activism is part-time, active students in Enschede spent a few hours per week over a longer period of time dedicated to their association, this is also how most sectors keep their organisation running. The percentage of active students in study associations has increased, a lot of first years are active here. The current situation makes it harder for first years to meet other students physically in social gatherings, which may be a trigger for them to dedicate more time to their study association.

More students have joined a sports association, whereas activism here has dropped by 5%. All of us want to get the right amount of exercise during our online college life, yet this is harder than we were used too. Still, we are motivated more to work out and see other students. The world sector has a high amount of international members, who are almost al from outside of Europe. The amount of activism at the world sector was hard to determine, as there were not enough respondents here. In the culture sector, the amount of active students was almost the same as last year. Here a relative high percentage of active internationals in comparison with other sectors. Still, in most sectors active international students are represented less compared to the percentage that is enrolled in that sector.


Do you want to know more about this research? For more facts and figures, please have a look at our Activism monitor page. A general remark about this activism monitor is that its conclusions are drawn from the organisations that filled in the monitor.

Without all of these active students, student life in Enschede would not be possible. Let's hope we can all meet in person soon again!