Open your Heart! The Minister of Education will talk to students from the UT

The current corona crisis is hard on everyone, including students in higher education. To find out how students are doing now, Minister van Engelshoven will visit Enschede. All UT students can participate in this conversation via a livestream, on Monday 29 March from 16:00 - 17:30.

Please keep in mind that this conversation will be in Dutch


How are the students doing now? And what are their needs and wishes? Students have been in online classes for more than a year now. Minister van Engelshoven will talk to students from all over the country. Four student cities have been chosen to participate in this, including Enschede. On Monday 29 March, from 16:00 to 17:30, Minister van Engelshoven will visit the University of Twente. The Student Union will be the host on this day. During this visit she will talk with six students from the Saxion and the UT, which can be followed live by all UT students via a livestream. The mayor of Enschede, a Executive Board member of the UT and a Executive Board member of the Saxion will also be present.


“This is a great opportunity to give the students from Enschede a voice,” emphasizes Emmilie Kuks, president of the Student Union. "We want to make clear what the situation is for us as students right now, but also think in terms of possibilities and together look for solutions that offer more perspective for students." 

All students from the UT are invited to participate in the conversation via an interactive live stream. They can send in a videomessage that will be discussed during the conversation. During the stream, students can provide real-time input from their living room via the program Mentimer. By doing so, every student gets the chance to participate. Together, we can look into different possibilites on how to overcome the crisis as soon as possible!

Do you want to send a videomessage or watch the livestream? We will keep you updated via our socials!