New year, new you

Every year starts with good intentions, and the IkPas campaign is here to help you succeed in at least one. While you may have started out your 2022 with a few sips of champagne, the campaign aims to challenge you to put down the alcohol for (at least) one month.

The movement is also known as dry January and has been proven by participants to lead to a more physically fit feeling. Additionally, 32% of participants lose weight, immediately smashing yet another possible new year's resolution. 55% of participants save money, and the same amount are able to sleep better, which may be the reason that 63% feel more mentally healthy.

A surprising result of participating in the movement is the improved ability to say no. This is a skill that many of us may still be struggling with within a time of overachieving leading to burnout.

Are you interested in taking part in the challenge? You can sign up on www.ikpas.nl and take part in passing on the alcohol.