What makes you feel warm?

This coming Friday, February the eleventh, is warm sweater day. This day was initiated by the Dutch Klimaatverbond (Climate Alliance) in order to persuade people to turn down their thermostats just a little, and instead find natural warmth through the containment of body heat. Through this, it is possible to save energy and carbon dioxide emissions. This also leads to more awareness about the incredible effect just a few degrees adjustment of the thermostat, and a big comfy sweater, can have on the planet. 

While this day is not necessarily a celebration, it is an opportunity for you to reflect and think: What makes me feel warm? A day to stand still and reflect on what things, people, or opportunities you have in your life that make you feel as if you are enveloped in a hug. 

Is it the good (passing) grade you just got on that difficult exam? Or that you just booked a train trip to Paris with your significant other? Or perhaps it is the fact that you are able to receive such a high-quality educational experience leading to bountiful future opportunities. Even just sitting in bed with a warm cup of tea.

It is, of course, also a day to reflect on your environmental footprint. Do you leave the thermostat on at night while sleeping, and is this really necessary? How long are your showers, and how can you cut these down? Do you buy more food than you can eat before it goes bad? The SU would like to encourage you to think about how you can do better, and we’ve already given you a head start to help you with warm sweater day. 

This week, the UnionShop will give a 40% discount on UT sweaters to provide the opportunity to “warm yourself, not the planet.” Find the assortment in the Bastille!