End of Module Horoscopes


As the leader of the pack you’ve been stressed the last few weeks; try to tone it down in the upcoming weeks. Let someone else take the lead for a second, give yourself time to breathe. Stress leads to wrinkles, and we don’t want to ruin that beautiful, youthful, glowing skin.


What’s been on your mind for the last few weeks? That's right! That cute Cancer that you’ve been talking to for a while. Don’t fret, they’ll reciprocate soon. Is it too early to get matching tattoos? We think not.


Impulsivity is not your strong suit, but this will change soon. Flexibility is needed for you to be able to reach your full potential, but what this full potential is? That will be revealed when you least expect it. 


Beware the wrath of hangovers this month! The planetary positions in the upcoming month will hinder your tolerance of special drinks. Drink plenty of water in between those tempting green vials, or face multiple days of regret spent lying in bed and wishing for time to turn back.


Try not to get too carried away with your emotions in the upcoming period. It’s been a mentally draining few weeks, and the rollercoaster needs to come to an end. There’s a surprise in your future, but don’t get too excited; keep those emotions in check.


Your meticulously planned hours of studying, attending lectures and tutorials, and emailing professors for additional practice exams will pay off; you will pass your exams with flying colours. Your significant other (may you have one), however, will let you know soon how disappointed they’ve been with the lack of attention you have given them.


Your calm energy has brought you far, but someone will soon come into your life that will turn your world upside down. With yin comes yang, and this stormy new person will bring some heat and liveliness to your mundane everyday tasks.


Your bank account will be crying soon. Paying for summer trips and upcoming nights out will put quite a dent in your Duo, so make sure to stock up on AH Basics and instant noodles to survive until the end of the month.


Focus on treating your body like a temple; it needs it. All the coffee and takeaway during late night study sessions has definitely not helped you feel your best. Your inner and outer glow is not far away, you just need to find your flow of eating more foods than just beige ones, and sleeping more than 3 hours a night.


It’s time to give your family some more attention. They’ve been feeling neglected, but we know that secretly you have too. It’s not always easy with such a long commute, but just know it’s always worth it to spend a weekend thuis thuis, pretending to be a child again, and having luxurious dinners prepared for you outside of your tiny student budget.


Playing the dating game and losing is not fun, but unfortunately it’s in the cards for you. That Tinder date Eventuela you’ve been seeing will soon let you know that “it’s not you, it’s me.” After rain comes sunshine, however, so just know that the right person will cross your path soon. Also, check your bread, it has mould on it.


The sunny weather you’ve been wishing for will come soon. Picnics in the park, afternoons spent lying by the pool, and balcony study sessions are in your future. We know you’ve been feeling lonely, but so have your BFFs Sagittarius and Virgo. Ask them to join you for some fun in the sun.