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The Bastille is the student building at the centre of the campus and is owned by the Student Union. The building houses many facilities, which you can find on the side of this page.  

Opening hours and contact Bastille

Monday to Friday: 8.00-00.00h
Saturday: 12.00-18.00h

Special opening hours

The Bastille is closed on the following holidays:

Adjusted opening hours:

The day before the above mentioned holidays:

Open till 18.00h

Summer holiday:

Open till 18.00h, closed in the weekends

Sinterklaas evening, December 5th:

Open till 20.00h

Christmas eve, December 24th:

Open till 16.00h

27, 28, 29, 30 December:

Open till 18.00h

New Year’s Eve:

Opened from 12.00h till 18.00h

Everyone with an office in this building can apply for a Bastillepass. So, if you would rather go into the Bastille after opening hours, then this pass will ensure that you can get it. Ask the Servicedesk Bastille for more information.