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Do you have a heart for personal development and do you want to defend the interests of your fellow students? Then you are the person we are looking for! We have four vacancies in our board for the period of September 2021 to August 2022, of which we would like to fulfill the following portfolios:

·        President, Portfolio Holder Strategy & Policy and Staff and Organization.

·        Portfolio Holder Finance, Accommodation and Business Management

·        Portfolio Holder Sports and Performing Arts

·        Portfolio Holder Communication, Internationalization and Wellbeing


Together with five fellow board members you are responsible for most affairs that involve the student life of Enschede. The Executive Board of the UT mandated the Student Union to write the policy for sports and culture, student entrepreneurship and (the introduction to) the living environment of students. Besides that, you are not just engaged in the developments of the UT, but you will also get a lot of freedom to initiate new plans and realize them because of the position of the Student Union. Because of the various tasks of the Student Union, you will meet different kinds of parties at the university. From students and associations to heads of departments and the Executive Board of the university.

The SU talks and decides about the changes in our university, how (extra-curricular) personal development can be placed in this and how this all affects the daily life of students. What would this university look like in 20 years time? And how can we students contribute to that? SU's mission statement is: 'Everything we do is done for our fellow students - to empower them to achieve more than a degree'. In addition, your coordinating role represents the interests of some 12,000 students and you will be the point of contact for umbrella organisations, associations, foundations and external parties. In short, you play an active role in everything that concerns students.

A number of examples of what SU board members have been working on in the past year: representing student interests around the COVID-19 measures, activism combining with the Twents Education Model, internationalisation of the campus, FOBOS for board members, training for part-time boards, online activism market, activism recognition, board minor, coronaproof Kick-in, discussing the well-being of students, reopening Bastille to students, making sure students can participate in sports and cultural activities, opening the Incubase, managing money flows, etc.

The most important things that the past board members have learned are: thinking in solutions, lobbying with different parties, having a positive approach, formulating things clearly, setting goals and managing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and every board member is keen to tell you more about it!


Normally we see and speak to each other a lot at our office in the Bastille and we have several activities throughout the year. However, because we now also work at home, we see each other less physically but that does not make us less close. Every Monday morning we have breakfast together and on Friday afternoon we catch up informally at our weekly Friday afternoon drink. The rest of the days, we meet regularly to walk around, to have talk or during our board meetings. We are a close board and we try to organize extra moments to maintain this. In the period of working from home and strict measures, we organized online drinks, went for a walk in smaller groups or had dinner together (at a distance). Even in times of corona, we all stay positive and get the most out of our board year.

interest moments

We offer different kinds of activities where we’ll tell you more about what it’s like and where you can ask us everything you would like to know. Whether you're seriously considering a year on the SU board or are just exploring the options, you're always more than welcome!

·        Tuesday 30th of March  2021 - 12.45 till 13.45 – First interest moment (including presentation)

·        Wednesday 14th of April - 12.45 till 13.45 – Second online interest moment (including presentation)

·        Thursday 6th of May - 16.00 till 18.00 - Online interest drink

·        Thursday 13th of May – 16.00 till 18.00 - Last online walk-in moment

The meeting link for the interest moments: Wonder meeting link

You are also free to ask a current or former board member of the Student Union to join for a videocall, so you can ask them whatever you like to know about the daily tasks you can expect and their experiences. Mail Emmilie if you are interested in such an activity.

Are you looking for this challenge and do you want to empower your fellow students to achieve more than a degree by taking this unique position for a year? Apply now! Click here to find more about the application procedure. The deadline is on 20th of May 23:59.