Welcome to UT MUN

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want your opinion to matter? Do you want to challenge yourself?  

This is your opportunity, your chance to create an impact. Discuss pressing global issues with like-minded peers within the University of Twente. Imbibe priceless skills that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

The UT MUN 2018 was a great success, this year another UT MUN will be organized on the University of Twente. Follow our social media channels or check the website for more information during the year.


So, What is A MUN? 

A MUN, or Model United Nations Conference, is a simulation of the real proceedings at the UN Conference. Students participate as delegates and debate issues of global importance and/or topics that are being discussed in the United Nations.

UT MUN, University of Twente | Model United Nations,  will integrate technical topics into the debate. Especially technologically inclined students are invited to participate in order to provide their knowledge and opinion because they have a prominent voice in society. By merging technology with politics, this event will be an exemplary occasion to raise awareness about the importance of technology and its impacts. 

Participate in this futuristic event by debating about technological world topics and at the same time integrating technology itself within the debate environment. The debates are taken to the next level by using various gadgets and applications.

Check out the committees and topics and don't forget to sign up.

      Stay tuned for more information about UT MUN 2019 and other awesome events!