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Greetings Delegates,

We welcome you to the inaugural version of UT MUN in the University of Twente. The Board of 7 members along with 30 organizational team members have made this prestigious event possible.

Being a technical university, this event provides an opportunity for technical as well as social science students to get involved in global issues. One of the main reasons of the event is to create and imbibe a culture of debating and diplomacy, as well experience the dynamics of politics in the real-world.

By representing a country, you would have to become a part of the country’s policies as well as strongly defend your country’s honor and integrity. This experience will provide everyone an opportunity to view the global perspective of the issues that plague the world.

We have attempted to involve a technical as well as political aspect within the various topics. Moreover, we have also kept the main theme of the event - High Tech Human Touch. These topics will provide for heated debate and will teach students to look from a global perspective.

We hope you choose the topics which interest you the most and passionately support the country you represent regardless of whether you agree with their vision or not. Best of luck for the event. We, the board of UT MUN, hope you learn and improve your knowledge as well as forge new relationships with your fellow UT students.

                                                                                “Have a Voice, Make a Change”


The Executive Board of UT MUN