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New topics will be introduced for UTMUN 2019, stay up to date with the latest information by regularly checking the website or follow us on social media. For the inaugural event of UT MUN, we primarily focused on 7 significant committees of the UN which highlight the global issues that currently plague the world. Keeping in mind that the expertise of students within the UT is very diverse, the topics range from technical issues to political dilemmas. Moreover, the UT MUN organization have made an attempt to integrate the technical and political facets within each topic. This will ensure that all students within the UT have an opportunity to debate.

Please click the links on the right for a detailed description of each committee from last year to get an idea off the topics. All topics for each committee are below the committee descriptions. Each committee will be presented with a new set of challenging and engaging topics for UT MUN 2019.

Regardless of your experience in MUN's or similar events, the UT MUN organization will provide training sessions to all delegates before the commencement of the event.