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Special Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL)

The Special Political and Decolonization Committee is responsible for issues ranging from atomic radiation to outer space, next to decolonization matters. During the event, we will discuss space debris, and radioactive waste. Both topics need a high tech approach supported by a harmonized international community to take further steps.

Chairs: Jarmo Kikstra and Amber Scheele

Chair Report 1: Space Debris

Chair Report 2: Atomic Radiation and Nuclear Energy


Space Debris - Cleaning and Limiting

International legislation on keeping space debris to a certain limit, and how to clean the already existent waste does not exist. This is of a huge concern as there are more and more space exploration missions that will be initiated due to the privatization of space travel. Moreover, currently there is a 1% probability of a space shuttle to be hit by and get damaged from space debris. This is a rising concern for governments as well as the UN.

Atomic Radiation and Nuclear Energy

The consequences of nuclear waste and how to effectively solve this problem is a long-term humanitarian problem. Currently, nuclear waste is either stored underground or in lead containers. Both these solutions are not viable since the nuclear radiation causes the soil to be mute of any kind of nutrients and essentially becomes barren land. This is a growing problem since the Middle east have planned on building 16 more nuclear power plants in the foreseeable future. This is of concern since if there is a lot of nuclear waste, humans and life on earth might begin to get contaminated due to nuclear waste and not due to the power plants themselves.