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UT MUN is a three-day conference being held at the University of Twente from Friday,  
May 12th to Sunday, May 14th. The exact times will be announced later.

The conference will be held on the campus of the University of Twente. The exact
locations will be announced later.

UT MUN is a MUN organized for all students and PhD employees of the University of Twente

Every student or PhD employee of the University of Twente can apply as a delegate for
the UT MUN.
However, UT MUN does not guarantee placement at the conference to any delegate,
since there is a maximum number of delegates in each committee.

UT MUN strives for professionalism in every aspect of the conference, therefore a formal
dress code will be enforced during the conference. Business apparel is required during
all sessions.

It is not possible to obtain credits for participating in the UT MUN. However, second
years european public administration (EPA) can use the UT MUN as a support system
for the project of  the eight module. Therefore the UT MUN is highly recommended for
second years EPA students.

Yes, each delegate will be given a certificate for their participation in UT MUN 2017 at the end of the event.