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Terms and Conditions

By applying for the University of Twente Model United Nations 2017 (hereafter referred as UT MUN), the applicant is deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions.


  1. All individuals that applied as delegates for the UT MUN must be currently enrolled in an UT programme, either as a bachelor/master student or PhD employee.
    1. The UT MUN reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of the applicants and expel any individual determined to be ineligible for participation as a delegate in the UT MUN. All individuals that do not meet the above criteria will be considered ineligible for the UT MUN.
    2. Delegates that are found to be in violation of the terms and conditions will be considered ineligible for the UT MUN.

UT MUN Procedure

  1. By agreeing with the terms and conditions, all individuals that applied as delegates also agree with the UT MUN Procedure. Link to the document: UT MUN Procedure.  

Conference Conduct

  1. Business attire is required for the entirety of the conference and will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with this attire may result in delegates being asked to leave committee and change into appropriate attire. Repeated offenses may result to the delegate’s dismissal from the conference.
  2. All devices are allowed at all times. However, in case of misuse, a Chair reserves the right to disallow the use of the device for a certain period of time. This is upon the discretion of the Chair.
  3. All delegates are expected to remain ‘in character’ by consistently representing the policies of the country assigned. Acting ‘in character’ also entails displaying respect for the opinions and ideas of fellow delegates, even if these opinions and ideas conflict with a given delegate’s own country’s priorities. Delegates are expected to prepare adequately for active participation in committee sessions.
    1. Delegates who disrupt committee sessions or other conference events may be expelled from the conference without refund.
  4. Neither the University of Twente nor UT MUN is responsible for any injury or illness that occurs while in attendance of the UT MUN.
  5. In the event that a delegate breaks conference policy, the delegate is responsible for all costs incurred by any subsequent damage.
  6. UTMUN will not tolerate any harassment or discrimination. Furthermore, UT MUN will not tolerate any instances of inappropriate behaviour or unwelcome advances of a sexual nature. If any delegate or staff member believes they have encountered harassment or discrimination, which results in a hostile working environment, they are encouraged to bring it to attention. The UT MUN team will then evaluate the report. Based on the findings UT MUN team may:
    1. Take no action
    2. Issue a verbal reprimand
    3. Expel the offending individual from UT MUN without refund
    4. Take other actions as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  7. There is a strict policy against consumption of alcohol and other controlled substances during the debates, speeches and lunchbreak.  Delegates found with or consuming such substances during the event will be expelled from the conference.
  8. Participants agree that all materials produced for this conference will be original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated at UT MUN. If plagiarism is discovered, the individual will be disqualified from the conference without refund.
  9. During the committee and proceedings, the decision of the chair is final and cannot be changed under any circumstances unless by the discretion of the chair itself.
  10. Failure to abide by the rules and respect the chair's decision can result in consequences for the delegates, which is also decided by the discretion of the chair.

Application Policies

  1. All delegates must apply through the official UT MUN application form at UT MUN 2017 Registration Application
  2. Due to capacity constraints, UT MUN does not guarantee placement at the conference to any delegate, even if the application is submitted before April 10th, 2017.
  3. Delegates must submit the fee within one week of obtaining the acceptance mail, in order for the registration to be considered complete and processed.
  4. All registered delegates must adhere to the deadlines and fees outlined in the terms and conditions. Failure to do so may result in late fees and/or inability to attend UT MUN.
  5. UT MUN reserves the right to rescind the registration placements of delegates that do not adhere to the stipulated deadlines or abide by the conference terms and conditions.

Fees, Payment, Cancellations, Refunds & Deadlines

  1. All fees must be paid in full within one week after obtaining the acceptance mail. Failure to pay the fee can result in inability to attend UT MUN 2017.
  2. The delegate fee is 15 euros.
  3. Details of the payment method will be sent together with the acceptance mail.
  4. To request a refund send an email to  All refund requests will be judged individually by the UT MUN team.
  5. In the event of inclement weather, poor transport, illness or any other extenuating circumstance that prevents a delegate from attending the conference, the delegate will still be responsible for paying the balance in full.
  6. UT MUN is not responsible for a delegate’s failure to make travel and accommodation arrangements on time. If travel or accommodation arrangements are not made on time and that affects conference attendance, UT MUN is not responsible for refunds or liability.
  7. UT MUN is not responsible for lost payments or payments sent to the wrong bank account.

Committee Assignments

  1. Successfully registered delegates will be assigned countries and committees in mid April to early May. However, country assignments will not be released to a delegate until the full payment has been received and processed and a delegate has no outstanding balance.
  2. Delegates agree to respect the committee assignment decisions of UT MUN and understand that due to limited availability and a large number of participants, committee preferences cannot always be met.
  3. Committee assignments and country assignments, once released to a delegate, cannot be altered unless at the discretion of the UT MUN team.
  4. All assignments to committees that require applications are made based on merit and the quality of the application. These decisions fall under the jurisdiction of the UT MUN team and cannot be appealed. In registering, applicants agree to respect the decisions of UT MUN team.

Privacy and Intellectual Property

  1. UT MUN reserves the right to utilize all data submitted by individuals and to collect data in the form of photographs or videos during the conference and social events without limitations.
  2. UTMUN reserves the right to update and change information on the official website conference program and social media platforms without further notice.

Applicants hereby certifies by completing the application process that all information submitted is truthful and accurate. The applicant understands that falsification of any information provided will disqualify him or her from participation in UT MUN and future UT MUN activities.

Register Here Now: UT MUN 2017 Registration Application