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Fees, Payment, Cancellations, Refunds and Deadlines

  1. All fees must be paid in full within one week after obtaining the acceptance mail. Failure to pay the fee can result in inability to attend UT MUN 2017.
  2. The delegate fee is 15 euros.
  3. Details of the payment method will be sent together with the acceptance mail.
  4. To request a refund send an email to  All refund requests will be judged individually by the UT MUN team.
  5. In the event of inclement weather, poor transport, illness or any other extenuating circumstance that prevents a delegate from attending the conference, the delegate will still be responsible for paying the balance in full.
  6. UT MUN is not responsible for a delegate’s failure to make travel and accommodation arrangements on time. If travel or accommodation arrangements are not made on time and that affects conference attendance, UT MUN is not responsible for refunds or liability.
  7. UT MUN is not responsible for lost payments or errors that occur during the process of payment.