17 December 2021 10.00 hour - 22.00 hour

Inter-Actief Top 100 Café

The party of parties is returning, in person, in your neighbourhood!

After a complete online lustrum- (and corona-) edition is the Inter-Actief Top 100 Café returning to Enschede. This time however, if we have a say in it, completely in-person again. Where everybody who wants to go into the christmas break with a bang, is able to! But, the UT has a perfect year circle and the last friday before the christmas break is on the 24th of december, the day before christmas. In order for this not to be a problem we are going to move the café to a week earlier!

The Inter-/Actief/ Top 100 Café is a variation to the Radio 2 Top 2000 Café. A few weeks before this party the voting booths open and everyone with a mail-address can, very much like the Top 2000, vote for their top 10 best songs! All these votes are combined will result in the actual Top 100 list! This list, like with the Top 2000, will be presented during this activity. One large party in which you have a say!

Further information follows shortly, the only thing you need to do now is to add 17 december 2021, 10:00 - 22:00 in your calendar!

Zilverling - Abscint & Educafe
17 December 2021 10.00 hour - 22.00 hour
Free access
Understanding Dutch is recommended when visiting this event