20 September 2023 12.30 hour - 13.30 hour


Open encounter with another

Do you know the feeling of being greeted with open arms in an unfamiliar surroundings? Finding a beautiful clearing where you are especially waiting for you? Three women create a bridge, a swing, a shelter, a cradle and a gate to get together, to open up!

Boost Productions creates visual acrobatic theater at the intersection of circus, dance and visual art. In OPEN, we unravel questions about the encounter with another. A spanable and movable installation supports our quest.

Fun fact! This is a free performance held during lunch break in the main hall of the TechMed building. Enjoy your lunch while watching this wonderful show.

"Under the artistic direction of Lennie Visser, the players or rather dancers and sometimes even acrobats take the audience into a world in which gravity is overcome or in which ballet is made in a surprising situation. The installation to which the performers relate are as robust as they are poetic. The driving force is the mutual trust of the artists: in the acts they are engaged in fascinating interplay, in which they are depend on each other while at the same time possessing the intention of a solo artist possess." - Theater newspaper about Walking on Circus Boost Productions 2022


20 September 2023 12.30 hour - 13.30 hour
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