2 juni 2020

Re-opening Bastille

The Bastille is re-opening again, but with adjusted regulations.

From next week Monday, the 8th of June, the Bastille will be open for fulltime board members and the student teams only! For you to be able to enter the Bastille please follow the following procedure:

  1. Mail Mohammed your plan of how your the office is going to look like and how you’re planning to maintain the 1,5 meter distance.
  2. Mail Mohammed the filled authorization form separately for the people that need to have access to the Bastille. This could be your whole board or a couple of them. Please fill in your student number so you will get access to your student card, also fill in the end date: 1st of September. (If you’re somehow an employee, then your employee number)
  3. Please note that you can only get approval from Mohammed Al Kathemi. Approval from someone else is not valid.
  4. Execute your plan.

Work safely and happily.

Further instructions

Unfortunately, the UT is still quite reluctant in opening the buildings for all students and that’s why we think it’s better to do it step by step. Hopefully, this goes well and we see some positive results then we can slowly start expanding more.  

Please have a look at the following files:

1.5m Rules Bastille
Information for residents
Authorization form
General Corona Regulations UT