Training agency - Handstand


Handstand helps boards find their focus. Trainers Gerrald and Ivo both studied at the UT. During their time as students they established the breakdance association Break-Even and were board members there for years. They utilized the creativity and perseverance that they learnt from breakdancing to help create a lively association.

A few anecdotal experiences from previous boards:

“The training was active and dynamic. Handstand listened intensively to what we had to say and adjusted the training accordingly.”
- Yanna Kraakman, chairman De Stretchers

“The creative way of thinking during the Handstand sessions was very interesting. We were able to creatively look back at the problems within our association. Handstand was very involved and we definitely acquired tools that would aid us in the future. 
- Thijs Erinkveld, chairman VV Drienerlo

Handstand gave us very personal advice, very much aimed at the problems that we had as an association. Together we worked through the indicated issues and made a plan about how these could be best handled. Very useful.
- Adrian Westerbeek, chairman AEGEE

Students at the UT score the training by Handstand on average an 8,9, and 97% would recommend the training. 



You want to get the most out of your board year, but which way to go? For the coming year you want a clear long-term vision, as well as a creative plan to realise this vision. You want a concrete plan of action and want to know that you want to do during the next 5 minutes. Time to dream big and start small!

This is what you will do during the training:

  • Set acute and inspiring goals.
  • Think of a creative concept that will help you achieve these goals.
  • Express this concept as a concrete plan of action.


You want a lively association with active and enthusiastic members. In an ideal scenario there would be a waiting list for a committee, too few chairs at a general members meeting. During this training you will learn how to seize your responsibilities as a board. You will receive the tools to instil the passion for your association in more members.

This is what you will do during the training:

  • Formulate your mission in one direct sentence.
  • Get insight into what really makes your fans enthusiastic using our Fanmodel.
  • Think of creative ideas to make more fans enthusiastic about your mission.
  • Express these ideas in a practical tool to utilize the chosen methods within your association.