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1.  I am a new board member, waht should I do?

In order to use DMS it is necessary that the rights of your predecessor are transferred to your student account. Send an email to dms@union.utwente.nl.  Mention the following:

In case the new board member is a Saxionstudent, mention the following:

2.  How do I get access to DMS?

DMS is twofold for board members; it consists of the DMS website and the DMS client via the remote desktop. When you are authorised (see Q1), you can log on to the website via the regular way. You need to set up the remote desktop first. This can be done with the help of the manual: ‘B1_Acces remote desktop DMS client’.

3.  How do I log on to the DMS client via the remote desktop?

This is explained step by step in the manual ‘B2_Log in to DMS client’.

4.  How do I know the number of members my association has?

You can see this when you log in as a board member on dms.utwente.nl.
For point 4c in this manual, see: ‘B5_Manage members’.

5.  How can I manage my members?

You can accept and reject membership request via dms.utwente.nl and can deactivate members.  How this can be done is explained in the manual: ‘B5_Manage members’.

6.  How does someone become a member of my association?

After purchasing a UnionCard (year or half-year) people can apply for membership through dms.utwente.nl lidmaatschap. After acceptance of the association board, the applicant can pay the association fee and he or she is a member.

Besides the regular way, you as a board member can also make someone a member. How this can be done is explained in the manual: ‘B3_Make someone a member of your organization’.

7.  Can I export member information from the DMS client?

You sure can! The information that comes from the reports can easily be exported to Excel. Please refer to point 3 of the manual: ‘B4_Check UnionCard and association fee posession’.

8.  What is the check and membership count?

The check and membership count are covered by the penalty rules and is intended to ensure that all people who make use of the relevant facilities are in possession of the UnionCard and, if required, also comply with the association fee. The purpose of the check and membership counting is to obtain the correct membership numbers on the basis of which associations receive subsidy. The income from the sale of the UnionCard and association fee are used for subsidy.

9.  When are the checks and membership counts?

These are the dates for academic year 2021-2022:

10.  There will be a check and a membership count. What should I do?

These are to check whether all members have a UnionCard and the association fee has been paid It is therefore important that all members have done this. By carrying out reports it is possible to check who has not done their payments. How to do this can be found in the manual: ‘B4_Check Union Card and association levy’.

11.    There has been a check and membership count. Can I object?

Yes, you have five working days to object. Give a substantiation in the objection per person. If you have made an objection, you will receive a new overview with the well-founded objections. Objections submitted outside the objection period cannot be processed.

12.    Who pays the invoice that follows from the check and membership count?

The association. The Student Union cannot invoice individuals. It is up to the association to recover the costs from its members.

Associated manuals:

B1_Acces remote desktop DMS client
B2_Log in to DMS client
B3_Make someone a member of your organization
B4_Check UnionCard and Verenigingsheffing posession
B5_Manage members
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