Free use of the public library 

Do you also like reading books, listening to music or watching films? Yes? Go to the public library in Enschede to borrow your favorite books, E-books, audiobooks, music, films and software & games. You can borrow (almost) the whole selection available at the library of Enschede. Look here for the total offer of the public library Enschede.


To make use of the public library deal you need to have a UnionCard. So don’t forget to bring your student card or UnionCard, when you visit the public library. 

How does it work?

  1. Go to the library with your student card (University of Twente) or UnionCard (Saxion).
  2. Show your student card/UnionCard at the service desk of the public library.
  3. They make a library card for you.
  4. Borrow all books, e-books, magazines, games, films, etc. you want.

Borrow e-books from home

Once you have you library card, you don't have to go to the public library anymore to borrow e-books. Download the library app en place you e-books on your digital bookshelf (max. 10 each month). You can read your e-books from your phone, tablet, laptop or e-reader. The e-books will leave your bookshelf automatically after 3 weeks. Not yet finished reading? Place the same e-book on your bookshelf again.


This deal is applicable for all different location of the public library of Enschede. Take a look at the library which is most easy accessible for you:

Have fun reading!