get inspired

During this period in which students and staff of the UT mainly stay home, we need to be creative to still have fun during our spare time, to be involved in performing arts and sports and to stay in touch with family, friends, fellow students, teachers, supervisors and so on. 

While being in quarantine to protect ourselves and everyone around us, you might be on the lookout for nice individual and online group activities, ways to be creative and sporty, things to do to be of value for those in need of help. But what's there to do? Below, you find a list of inspiration. Did you come up with a nice activity to do at home? We would love to receive and incorporate it! Please let us know by contacting our SU office: studentunion@union.utwente.nl

Music and creative activities

Start playing an instrument
Acrylic painting
Make flower arrangements
Knit a scarf for next winter
Virtual museum tours
Start writing blogs
Write a story (e.g. detective, novel or thriller)
Build UT-buildings using Lego or Minecraft

online Group activities

Online board games
Online group cooking
Watch movies together and write recency
Reading books together and write recency
Language nights, chat in your own language
Make flower arrangements
Movie watching marathon
Friday afternoon drinks on Zoom

Socially valuable activities

Find out which clothes you no longer wear can make others happy through the thrift shop
Online volunteering via onlinevolunteering.org
Start, or participate in a societal initiative during the Corona crisis through coronacommunitycare.nl 
Become blood donator through sanquin.nl
Volunteer at, or donate to the local food bank


Learn a new language on DuoLingo
Learn calligraphy 
Learn origami
Read a book per week
Follow a course on Masterclass.com
Master useful skills on Goodhabitz (free through UT account)
Listen to podcasts
Create a powerful CV and personal story for future applications

Sports, health, and food

Follow online yoga classes
Use your furniture to do a fitness workout
Follow online dance classes
Create a standing desk
Start meditating
Try out new recipes
Stand up every 30 minutes