How to host online activities and platforms?

There are multiple systems out there that all have their own capabilities. Below, you find what systems are optimal for the big variety of initiatives that can be running online. 


Discord is an application and digital distribution platform mostly used for video gaming communities. The system can be used for groups and is suitable for text, video and live streams, audio and online calls. Next to that, it has a chat function. Discord allows making separate channels in which multiple people can be part of. Discord is suitable for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers. The advantages are that it is easy to use and set up and it is scalable. Especially for student organizations, it is a good system to stay in touch with members and to host online activities. 

For more information about setting up and using Discord, click this link.  

Google Hangouts / Google Meet 

Google Hangouts or Google Meet is a system where you can meet one-on-one and in groups can meet others while using voice, text and video conversations. it can be used on iOS, Android and web browsers. The system is easy to use and to start up and mainly used for meetings in which up to 30 people can join. You can set up a meeting by opening the website, starting a meeting and sharing an invitation link to others. While catching up with others, Google Hangouts allows you to do full-screen presentations and showcase whatever you want. Hangouts can be interesting for associations to host online activities such as movie nights and LinkedIn or CV workshops.     

For more information about setting up and using Google Hangouts, click this link. 


This social network is an application allows you to host group video chats, is free and rather simple to use. After making an account, you can connect with others by adding them through other social media platforms. In the app, you can visit ‘houses’, which are virtual environments where you can step in and out whenever you want. Houseparty has some games you can play with others, such as a quiz. The application can also be used to do calls and use chats. 

For more information about setting up and using Houseparty, click this link.


Popular in the workplace and can best be seen as a messaging application. However, it has multiple features such as file sharing, calls, private and group chats, possibility to create different channels and it can link with other applications. Slack is free and runs on multiple devices. Your account can be upgraded to have more storage. After creating a Slack team you can invite others to join the digital environment and collaboratively create and name channels. The application can serve for teams and workgroups, such as for student teams, committees within student organizations and for project groups of your study program.

For more information about setting up and using Slack, click this link.


Wonder is a space were you can connect to others in a more spontanous and fluid way. You can namely move around freely between groups. It is a very popular tool for online events. 

For more information on Wonder, click this link