Student union network

SUN is one of our committees that is busy developing a free online application where associations can keep track of membership records. The administration of membership records of Student Union recognised associations can be facilitated by the use of the data that the University has in OSIRIS. The SUN committee is developing an application that provides this efficient administration. Due to the privacy law, the SUN is the only platform that will be allowed to provide associations with data directly from OSIRIS.

Aa a student you will only have to change your details in one place, which will subsequently be passed on to all associations where you are a member. Of course, it will be possible to choose which details you share with which associations.

Associations that want to make use of SUN have the choice of using the application in its entirety or combining the API with their own frontend. This means that as an association you can maintain your own system, but still reap the benefits of the Student Union Network.