KALIBER artschool 2 free triallessons

Have you always wanted to take a creative course, but not sure where to start? At Kaliber you can try two lessons for free! Kaliber Kunstenschool is the place to be for music, song, dance, visual arts and new art forms in Twente. You can also contact us for a very wide range of courses. UT students receive a 30% discount on an annual course, and two free trial lessons can also be requested.

At www.kaliberkunstenschool.nl you will find the entire range of courses, including:

- Producing

- Ballet

- Cello

- Songwriting

- Drawing academy

- Percussion

- Band coaching

- Trumpet

- Yoga

You can request the trial lessons via the website or via our Customer Service (info@kaliberkunstenschool.nl or 088-4868700).