Hopefully, you are already adapted to the work-from-home situation. During these times in which your house/room functions as a library or office, you might sometimes think about the best ways to perform your work in an optimal way. Below, 10 tips for studying at home are shown. Do you know other good ways to work and study from home in a satisfying and effective way? Please share it on the UT-Discord platform by clicking this invitation. 

1. Look on the bright side

For sure, this period has quite some uncertainties and working from home might by times be hard because of less social interaction and the clear structures university gives us to study in an optimal way. However, it is important to stay positive and understand that the situation is a challenge for everyone. Try to connect with family, friends, fellow students and perhaps you will even get to know new people through all the new online initiatives that emerge! Next to that, this period will undoubtedly lead to new ways of studying, working, and communication. 

2. Create the most optimal study place

Although the Vrijhof library, bastille, and all other places are closed at the moment, studying from home also has its advantages. To make sure you can study as well as on your favorite spot, make your study area free from distraction, comfortable and ergonomic. Also, try to provide yourself with clear (day) light, a good chair with back support, enough water, and alternate between walking and standing, at least twice an hour. To work efficiently, try to work for 25 minutes, after which you take a 5-minute break and continue studying. 

3. Work with a schedule and stick to it

At home, the setting of studying is, of course, different than you are used to. Next to replicating your usual favorite study spot, try to work with a study scheme. You can use the following advice for that: make a week planning which you make at the start of the week. Fit your work into blocks, so that you have a clear idea of what you want to do within a certain amount of time. Also, start each day spending some time on setting and checking your goals. Use and end of the day ritual to finalize what you’ve worked on that day. Reflect on what you did, check what you finished and where you still have to work on. This gives you a head start the next day. 

4. Make use of the available support

Your tutor, study advisor, module coordinator, but also friends, family and project members can probably help you when you have questions or are in need of support. Make sure to check the UT Corona FAQ to find out where you have to go with questions. Also feel free to hop by in the UT-Discord platform to ask questions and help others, using this link.

5. Keep moving

After long days in the same building without commuting to UT, it is important to keep on moving and revitalizing yourself. Take enough breakes to make sure you stay focussed and are not exhausted the next day and make sure you give yourself fresh air every day. Doing online workouts is also possible. Next to the vast amount of workouts on the internet, you can also participate in the UT Sport center workouts every day! Visit the Current-Initiatives’ page for information about this. 

6. Stay focussed, don’t be distracted

Our phone, laptop, games and other distractors are close to using, making it a challenge to not become distracted by them. Grow trees with the forest app, put devices on airplane mode and stimulate yourself to check your social media only onset times.

7. Be present and active during the video lectures

Try to be an active participator during the video lectures by asking questions, thinking about how you can apply the knowledge the lecturer is informing you about and come prepared.