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7 april 2020

Design a new routine!

By Buro Winners

So, here we are. In a totally new situation, with a lot of new challenges. How to study at home? How to become productive with temptations like Netflix, Facebook or your bed so close? How to stay in contact with your friends, study mates and relatives? In the upcoming posts we try to help you with these questions and support you to make the best of it. This time on designing a new routine that makes you really excited.

look ahead

You don’t have to be a guru to know that planning is an important aspect of time management. So, how are you doing now, what does your agenda look like? How far do you plan ahead? And why is it important to keep planning now?

A new routine

Lots of things are impossible or unwise to do now. Your social activities, but also your hobbies and sports probably came to a stop or have to be done differently. Attending classes and lectures might be less obligated because some of them can be watched later. In other words, you lost a great deal of your normal routine. And when you lose your routine, potentially you make your choices on how to use your time in a less conscious way or worse: in a less productive way. Maybe it feels like vacation a bit. Of course, you know it’s no vacation and planning ahead can prevent you from ending up in unproductive patterns.

The big issue with planning

There is one problem with planning: the results of it – well organised and stuffed agendas, up-to-date-to-do-lists and a clear view on deadlines might seem really serious, pushy and NOT fun! There is just too much HAVE TO DO in there. Of course, it’s part of reality, but does it have to be that dedicated and dull? The main reason for people to properly plan and then NOT do what they have planned is that they lose the feeling of freedom, autonomy and fun. Even though they made the planning themselves! So what can we learn?

Shift your perspective

In order to overcome this problem you have to shift your perspective. Instead of wanting to become a PERFORMER, you could try to aim at becoming an EFFECTIVE EPICUREAN. Do what it takes to become successful efficiently and next to that: enjoy yourself, live life to the fullest and have fun. WHY NOT?

Become your own designer

To put it differently, you should rethink your LIFE-DESIGN. So here we go: take a large piece of paper or some chalk pencils to start designing on your window or on the mirror in your closet. Design the best week ever, with 7 days to really look forward to. Make sure to put a smile on your face before you start putting all the blocks in this BEST PLANNING EVER. What are the moments you can be really productive in terms of your study? Put the blocks for productivity at the right spots in your schedule. And then plan moments for fun, chill out activities and things to get inspiration from.

 Answer questions like:

-        What movies do I like to watch?

-        What books do I want to read?

-        Who do I want to conversate with?

-        What do I want to improve in sports this week?

-        When will I draw, paint, create something?

-        What is my favourite dish and when will I cook it?

So improve the design of your upcoming week until it excites you and you look forward to every moment of it.

Have fun and stay healthy!